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Wekerle’s Difference Capital Adds New Managing Partner

Written on July 31st, 2013

The Globe and Mail (Wednesday, Jul. 31 2013) – Difference Capital Financial Inc. has picked up another team member with experience in technology.

The tech-focused merchant bank started by GMP Capital co-founder Mike Wekerle has been blazing the acquisition trail this year, hiring high-profile board members and bankers.

Tom Liston is joining the team as a managing partner. Mr. Liston was formerly a top-ranking technology sector analyst at investment dealer Versant Partners Inc., which was acquired by Cantor Fitzgerald LP last summer. At that time he became director of Canadian research, and covered the technology sector.

At Difference, Mr. Liston will assist in the development and the evaluation of companies for investment, and then provide advice to its investee companies.

And it looks like he’ll soon be busy. Last Friday, Difference closed a series of debt and equity offerings worth $101-million, which it plans to use toward new investments in intellectual property-rich technology, media and healthcare-related companies. It will target both private and public companies.

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