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Vision Critical adds Wekerle’s Difference as shareholder

Written on January 2nd, 2014

Globe and Mail – BOYD ERMAN

Firm is putting $3.5-million into Vision Critical in return for preferred shares

Vision Critical, a private technology company focused on customer relations, has added another name to its shareholder roster: merchant bank Difference Capital Financial Inc.

Vision Critical is a fast-growing company, with revenues close to $100-million and a goal of getting to $1-billion in four to six years, its new chief revenue officer told Streetwise in an exclusive interview1 published earlier on Tuesday. Difference is a firm specializing in technology that was founded by former GMP trader Michael Wekerle and his partners. The company has been stacking up investments in growing technology plays, coming in behind the early venture partners but before companies are ready for public markets.

The company has reported rising net asset value but hasn’t yet surfaced a really big win in its young portfolio. (Investors still value it at a significant discount to reported NAV.) The firm is putting $3.5-million into Vision Critical in return for preferred shares.

Vision Critical is widely believed to be a solid IPO candidate in coming years, with an A-list roster of corporate clients and good growth prospects.

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