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Mike Wekerle’s remarkable speech at the Cantech Investment Conference

Written on January 21st, 2014

Cantech Letter – January 21, 2014 By Nick Waddell

mike-wekerle-cantech-400x308“I tell people I’m a one trick pony, but it’s a good trick”.

Mike Wekerle spoke at the Cantech Investment Conference on Thursday, January 16th and packed the house with a speech called “Why Tech is Back and What we are Doing About it.”

Wekerle, who formed publicly traded merchant bank Difference Capital to take advantage of what he believes will be a significant rotation back to the innovation sectors, joined keynotes Sir Terry Matthews and Colonel Chris Hadfield at the inaugural Cantech conference, and stacked up well against them in terms of attendance.

The legendary Bay Street trader may have surprised some in the crowd when he talked about his current time horizon for tech stocks.

“This is a cycle, and the cycle has to get away from trading. When you see a cycle it goes for a minimum of eight years to a maximum of twelve years, and we’re at the beginning of a great cycle.”

For entire speech, click here: Michael Wekerle: Why Tech is Back and What we are Doing About it

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