Company Overview

Investment Focus

Difference Capital Financial is a venture capital and specialty finance company which is focused on creating shareholder value through strategic investment in and support for growth companies. Difference Capital provides debt and equity growth capital to technology and media related companies to help them create long-term shareholder value.

DCF primarily focuses on companies that are post-commercialization with significant intellectual property and strong visibility to over $10m in annual revenues.

About Us

Difference Capital Financial was established in 2012 to target primarily late-stage private Canadian growth companies with a primary focus on the technology and media sectors.In the years since our founding we have built a portfolio that consists of some of the most compelling private growth companies in Canada. The team at Difference Capital has worked hard to position our company for growth at a time when the market is primed for expansion.


Over the course our decades-long careers, we have witnessed many cycles, usually marked by a major bottom in the sector and followed by a fearful yet attractive buying opportunity. Think back to the year 2000, 2002, 2008, 2010, with 2011 being the transition year for Canadian sector leadership.Today, the technology, media and healthcare industries have seen such a significant resurgence of interest that publicly traded companies have been tapping the capital markets for growth capital at levels that have not been seen in many years.In conjunction with this transition, we identified an opportunity in the broader Canadian growth sectors and formed Difference Capital in June 2012. We foresaw an opportunity as a result of the lack of funding for mid and small cap technology companies. We built DCF to strategically capitalize on emerging opportunities in non-resource, late-stage private growth companies.The fundamentals in place today: new media, cloud computing, mobility and big data, position our sectors for significant growth. For every publicly traded growth company, we believe there are another ten great opportunities in the private market.We at Difference Capital have a long term view on the companies that we have invested in and we are very confident in the portfolio that we have built.


Difference Capital has assembled a team of seasoned capital markets professionals for our board of directors and management team in order to best serve the interests of our shareholders.