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The Future of Payments in Canada

Written on May 14th, 2015

Canada’s Non-Bank Payment Innovators

May 2015

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The Future of Payments in Canada

Canadian Payment Innovation Landscape

At Difference Capital, we closely monitor the financial technology sector and have invested in a number of companies in the space, offering us a unique insight into market trends. This is our latest in a series of primers on the Canadian FinTech sector.

For most consumers, how credit and debit card transactions work is a bit of a black box.  You may swipe or tap your card (or if you are a bleeding-edge tech adopter, your phone) and then the terminal may beep and print out a receipt, but what is really happening, and who is making all this stuff work?

We’re excited about the companies that are enabling next-generation electronic wallet technology as well as companies that are making an impact in evolving payment acceptance.  We view this as one of the top growth areas in fintech over the next few years and will continue to keep our eyes strongly peeled to the ecosystem.

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