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Queen Mary’s Always Insightful Views

Written on June 26th, 2014

Queen Mary’s Always Insightful Views

A few weeks ago, Mary Meeker from Kleiner Perkins published her annual “Internet Trends” slide deck. It’s been a must read for all tech investors for years. However it is 164 slides long this year. So we picked the top 10 sets of slides that resonated most with what we are doing at Difference. If you want the full monty you can find it at:

Let’s start with some fundamental growth. The next three charts show the three pillars of tech growth (i.e. computing, storage and bandwidth) remain deflationary commodities. Note that these are logarithmic charts! This means that new applications that seemed too expensive or slow are soon cheap and fast. We like ‘em cheap and fast! (Apps that is). For example, years ago Netflix would have been viewed as too much of a bandwidth and storage hog. Now it has over 40 million users.

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